Tuesday, February 05, 2008

About That Isreali Attack Last Fall on Syria

There IS some other news this week besides the primary today. And this one is worthwhile.

The New Yorker investigative reporter Seymour Hersh writes "A Strike in the Dark" about the September 2007 air strike by Israel on a Syrian "nuclear" facility. The U.S.'s involvement is clear but no government is talking - not Isreal, not Syria and not the US. Hersch, using his Pentagon sources tries to get to the bottom of it. He also puts it all in the context of the heated up tension last fall with Iran.
The N.I.E. was published in November, after a yearlong standoff involving Cheney’s office, which resisted the report’s findings. At the time of the raid (on Syria), reports about the forthcoming N.I.E. and its general conclusion had already appeared.
Hersh illuminates more in this NPR's Talk of the Nation interview yesterday.

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