Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Why So Many In DC Dislike the Clintons

Ron Fournier pretty well sums it up in On Deadline - Chickens Come Home to Roost. (Well, I could probably come up with more).

He notes that many of the super delegates are super fans of the Clintons.

Their loyalty to the first couple is built on shaky ground.

"If (Barack) Obama continues to win .... the whole raison d'etre for her campaign falls apart and we'll see people running from her campaign like rats on a ship," said Democratic strategist Jim Duffy, who is not aligned with either campaign.

And then he goes through all the different reasons exactly why DC Democrats are jumping at joy at the prospect of a restoration.

Put succinctly - a friend who came and watched the Super Tuesday results with me - said simply, "I don't want the circus back in town. "

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