Monday, February 04, 2008

More Outrageous Outstanding Obama Numbers

The Washington Post reports in it's campaign blog on Obama's the number of attendees at his rallys in the last week:

20,000 in Wilmington
18,000 in Denver
20,000 in St. Louis
13,000 in Boise

These numbers are unbelievable and unheard of in politics! And 6,000 showed up at an Obama rally, and he wasn't even there.

I moved to DC because I love politics, and it is as if everyone else has finally started to drink my elixir and are getting excited about governing, civics, voting. God bless Obama!

I stood in line for over 2 hours last Monday, with a ticket to the rally at American University (which I signed up for before word of the Kennedys' endorsements). I did not get in. The line was immense and word on the line was that the arena, which was the same place I graduated from law school, held 5,500. The fire marshals wouldn't even let Chris Matthews in. There had to have been 10,000 on line there last Monday, with only about half getting in.

One woman, walking toward the end of the line while we were - finally - moving forward, saw that it turned a corner and kept going, muttered, "Holy sh*t!!" I advised her that was only the first of many times she'd think that. Everyone around laughed because we'd all had gone through that same thought process (about 90 minutes earlier).

With this news, along with the shocking fund raising of 32 million dollars in January, and the closing of the polls - wow - maybe it can happen.

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