Friday, October 19, 2007

3 Events @ Politics & Prose

For those non-Washingtonians, Politics & Prose is an independent bookstore in Northwest Washington.

On Sunday afternoon, Jack Goldsmith talks about his book The Terror Presidency at 1 pm. He is a former Justice Department employee who quit before a year was out. Earlier this week, he had a little New York Times op-ed bit suggesting questions for the nominated Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Here's an overview of his book, in interview form, at Newsweek.

I wish when he resigned from the Office of the Legal Counsel, he'd have made more noise and wrote an op-ed piece then. What is it with these guys slinking off and writing books years later? Principles grow with a book advance? He's right, but he'd have been more right before the 2004 election.

On Tuesday at 7 pm, Paul Krugman is up with his book, The Conscience of a Liberal. He was on Diane Rehm earlier in the week too. You can listen here.

Next Wednesday at 7 pm - a gathering to celebrate the 150th anniversary of The Atlantic Monthly. Mr. Linger-a-while aka William Langewiesche (see post below) will be there as well as James Fallows and ChristopherHitchens. They will read Martin Luther Kings' Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

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