Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Crime of Illness

Two recent personal stories of cancer and the inability to pay for the drugs and care to survive have been highlighted in the national press over the last few days.

First in Newsweek, Geraldine Ferraro writes, How to Mend a Sick System: A Politician Learns Firsthand the Need for Health-Care Reform.

Second in the New York Times, on the Oped page, Bob Herbert on Tuesday relayed a heartrending tale in The Long Dark Night.

The stories are upsetting and infuriating. The state of affairs is deeply wrong.

Remember the Republican Congress in 2005 reformed the bankruptcy laws to make it more difficult for consumers to discharge personal debts. In August the New York Times reported that, "In recent years, the use of high-interest credit cards to pay big medical bills has become a leading cause of consumer bankruptcy."

Do you trust that Hillary Clinton learned from her mistakes in 1993? There's too, too much at stake.

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