Thursday, October 25, 2007

Which Branch of Govt defends What, With Bill Moyers

I wrote about this subject earlier in the week and I'm not the only one looking at what "defense" means and who has the power to do that.

I got this notice this evening:
How far can a President go to defend the nation? BILL MOYERS JOURNAL examines the unprecedented Presidential power that some say is being amassed by our current Administration and kept secret in the name of national security. Moyers gets perspective from Charles Fried, who teaches Constitutional law at Harvard Law School and served as solicitor general in the Reagan Administration, and Fritz Schwarz, who served as chief counsel to the Senate Select Committee, which led by Frank Church of Idaho uncovered decades of abuse by the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

The program airs tomorrow night on PBS (check local listing, usually 9 pm). There'll also be a follow up their story on Blackwater which aired last week and that I summarized here.

Blackwater is also the subject of a front page New York Times piece. Note that "Columbian" soldiers are guarding the Blackwater compound in the Green Zone, despite Prince's assertion that they are not mercenaries. (The New York Times did not point this lie out).

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