Monday, October 15, 2007

Dancing With the Stars Week 4

I went to a writing conference this past Saturday and one panel was on electronic writing. "No blog entry longer than 800 words." Oops. See posting on Dancing with the Stars weeks ago. Ok. Wasting words!

Mark Cuban - weird choreography for a Viennese Waltz. Didn't like her costume either. But, he did seem more comfortable, with better posture, and wasn't completely off as he was last week when he and his partner literally were on different feet. 7,8,7 = 22

Sabrina Bryan - Paso Doble in purple sequins to eighties tune, You Spin Me Round Right Baby. Good movement though the purple and the music were distracting. Images of Matthew's Mug kept intruding (Vassar's on-campus bar). Had to watch it 2x to actually see the dance. 10,10, 10. First 30 of the season.

Jane Seymour - Waltz to Billy Joel's Piano Man. Who picks these songs?!? Gosh, she is gorgeous. And elegant and the dancing was beautiful. And her costume was lovely and she had cool tiara in her hair. Argument over whether there was a lift or not. 8,9,9 = 26. Wow, they even need a replay of the "lift."

Floyd Mayweather - WOW. That was an incredible Paso Doble. Music finally fit and what a show. His posture was MUCH improved. His boxing and strong shoulders tended to roll his shoulders forward. So the change was much noticeable. He did a back bend and then a huge leap. I watched it twice because I just enjoyed his dance so much. I hope this one is the week's Results Show repeat. 7,8,8 = 23

Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice - Did a pretty boring waltz. She didn't look at ease. Her shoulders were lifted, neck stiff. For a flowing dance, it didn't seem to flow. You could see her thinking. Also could see her tattoo on her back left scapula; contrast to the chiffon dress. 8,9,9 = 26. Overrated to me.

Cameron Mathison - Danced the Paso Doble to the Superman movie theme. I guess becasue of judge's comment in an earlier week that he was like Clark Kent/Superman. Edyta struggled with the choreography but that was terrific! She also had practically nothing on, appeared to be a few blue scarves. But is was his best dance so far. 9,9,9 = 27

Marie Osmond - Waltz to Elvis Presley, Only Fools Rush In. Are we going to see a waltz danced to a waltz? That was much better that Scary Spices. Marie through herself into it, relaxed and lovely. Her head flowed - "She worked the hair," and she even through herself into a spin on the floor. 9,9,8 = 26

Jenny Garth - Paso Doble to music I've no idea. Technically a much harder dance than the two previous guys. Very strong choreography. She looks like she's had some ballet training. She looked like she belongs here. Maybe a woman will win this week. She and Sabrina stand out. 8,10,9=27

Helio Castroneves - No waltzing music. Only male competitor to dance the waltz and of all of them I'd have liked to have seen him in the Paso Doble. Best choreography - interesting dance and movement. Unique, which is hard to do with a waltz. They did turns with his hand on her front left hip. Very engaging. He commented that it was more like acting for him. 9,9,9 = 27

Next week sambas and rumbas. Latin night.

571 words! Now 575.

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