Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Would President Hillary appoint Obama to Supreme Court?

I hate Charlie Rose from my time working with him at PBS,


Jeffrey Toobin is on tonight (it repeats during the day in most markets) and talking about The Nine. He repeats many of the stories and ideas he talked about in the Book TV interview I saw two weekends ago and referred to below.

Again - he talks of how liberals assumed that because Roberts was smart he was a really a closet moderate. He suggests that if Hillary was elected she'd nominate Barack Obama (get rid of him by promoting him - it is SO Machiavellian). He talks of O'Connors regrets around Bush v. Gore. He discusses how peculiar it is that Thomas so rarely speaks during oral arguments. I got to witness oral arguments at the Supreme Court once in my life (thank you Dan) and I assumed it was because he was not clever and couldn't think on his feet. He apparently has offered several accounts for his reticence; none are very plausible, notes Toobin.

If I can catch a repeat, I'll try and give a fuller executive summary. At some point, you'll be able to view the interview at this site, supposedly.

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