Monday, October 08, 2007

Arabs & Jews during WW II plus related Iranian TV Drama

Two very interesting npr interviews on the Middle East and Iran. A counter point to the news. Perhaps in another 50 years, things will be different again.

From Fresh Air on October 5th - a discussion with author/historian Rober Satloff who wrote Among the Righteous. He tells stories of the Holocaust and its reach into North Africa. How Arabs saved Jews across North Africa, how Arab culture mandated protecting Jews, a particular story about Tunsia, a reference to a concentration camp in the movie Casablanca, even how Arabs saved Jews in occupied Paris. A fascinating, not often told aspect of World War II.

From All Things Considered on September 20th - State-controlled Iranian television is running a drama called Zero Degree Turn that features a love story between an Iranian Muslim man and a French Jewish woman. Iranians are hooked, learning about the Holocaust, learning how the Paris mosque saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazis and wondering if the protagonists will triumph.

Happy Columbus Day

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