Friday, October 26, 2007

"Little Rock's Fort Knox" Report by Isikoff

In the same vein of Bush-like secrecy reported over the weekend by NPR which I highlighted earlier this week, now Newsweek's investigative reporter, Michael Isikoff writes about "Little Rock's Fort Knox." The piece is entitled Papers? I Don't See Any Papers. He says he's 'pro-disclosure,' but Bill has kept Hillary's White House files under wraps.

Both the secrecy and hypocrisy is Bush-like. Remember this...
"The Bush administration has put a much tighter lid than recent presidents on government proceedings and the public release of information, exhibiting a penchant for secrecy that has been striking to historians, legal experts and lawmakers of both parties." From January 3, 2003 New York Times report entitled, Bush Openness at Issue as Bush Holds Onto Records.

And since then we've learned worse - White House staffers opened RNC email address accounts to do illegal political work out of the White House and then deleted the emails. Washington Post report here.

Okay, so the Clintons are not doing that. At least.

Is that our low standard? Do Democrats want to behave like George W. Bush? Or mimic his behavior in this way?

Come on! If she wants to be elected on her "experience" then how she gained that experience should be open to scrutiny. It's simply how a democracy is supposed to work.

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