Monday, October 15, 2007

Inspector Lynley Mystery Series Ends for Now and Soon for Good.

Well, Season 5 ended last night on PBS. In the Blink of an Eye featured Indira Varma as a guest star. She was so good in Rome (she played Niobe, wife of Lucius Vorenus, who threw herself over the balcony at the end of Season One) and in one of my favorite films Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love. This finale ended tragically for Lynley and all I can say is thank goodness they recast the role of Helen this season. Catherine Russell is infinitely better than Emma Fielding (such English names!).

We're about a year behind the rest of the world. (What else is new?) Viewers in Australia and Great Britain, and apparently Denmark, got to see Season 6 this past summer. So I explored online last night what happens next. And I found out that in late August the BBC announced that Season 6 would be the last and that they filmed only 2 of a planned 4, so that the series ends without any narrative tie ups. The show is getting solid ratings but is being dropped in order to "allow new work to come through." You can read more here, including the thoughts of Nathaniel Parker who plays Inspector Lynley.

Dutch station KRO has organized a petition to ask the BBC to give the series a proper ending. If you speak Dutch, you can sign the petition here. (Do I know any one who speaks Dutch?) Or you can send an email to with "NO" in the subject line. Include your name and country in the email. They've got over 10,000 signature already. Well, 10,001!

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