Sunday, October 21, 2007

Steven Colbert is Everywhere!

Okay - so apparently he is running in both the Republican and Democratic primaries of South Carolina. He noted you can do that in South Carolina but you also can marry a 13 year old girl. He was the guest on my favorite radio show on Saturday, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me. Very fun show and will make you laugh.

He also appeared on Meet the Press. He noted that if won at least one delegate in South Carolina, he'd consider it a win. And that he'd give that one delegate up if he'd be allowed to make a speech.

I wish he'd be harder and more aggressive with Russert. It seemed a bit rehearsed, as if Tim knew where and how the conversation would go. (He even had Bert, from Sesame Street handy as a prop).

As far as I'm concerned, Russert is the one of the most culpable in his passivity and inability to properly frame the issues or his questions. He doesn't listen to the answers and curb his follow ups because he is so self-impressed with his prepared queries. These times are too fraught to suffer incompetence in such a powerful post. Colbert could have hammered him and he didn't. Too bad.

If you want to hear from or about the real Colbert there are three options:
  1. The Meet the Press web extra - watch here.
  2. Fresh Air interview with Terry Gross - listen here. A friend noted to me she heard from Colbert in this interview the best definition of God and hell she'd ever heard. When I heard it, I agreed; its exactly how I would explain God and hell. Thank goodness for different voices discussing religion. Ones other than the religious right.
  3. Vanity Fair October 2007 issue piece, The Man in the Irony Mask by Seth Mnookin. This profile is lengthy and revealing. Read here.

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